Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Weakness

I think I can finally admit that the Weekend is very hard for me. I have no structure, there are consession stands I have to deal with and not being home most of the day is hard. I tried to write down what I was going to eat so I would stick to that list but something in me snaps and I really have to work on that. But, like I said, admitting it for me is the first baby step. So back on the wagon today and try and think of a plan of attack for next weekend.

Day 11

Breakfast- coffee 0 pts.
1/2 c. milk 1 pt.
1 c. cheerios 2 pts.
3 pts.

snacks- smoothie 3 pts.
ww rye bread 1 pt.
4 pts.

Lunch- Salad w/ 3 oz. chix, 1 oz. cheese 7 pts.
mini delights 2pts.
9 pts.

Dinner WW Peach glazed chix 6 pts.
1/2 c. sweet potato 2 pts.
brussel sprouts 0 pts.
WW latte Bar 1 pt.
9 pts.

H20- yes
Exercise- 38 min. treadmill, 20 crunches

Total Points

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