Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 19

Well, since it was a long weekend here and Sat and Sunday were kind of a bust, I'm not going to post what I ate. Yesterday, MLK day, I did very well but with the boys home from school = no computer time. LOL! So we will start fresh today!

Breakfast- coffee 0 pts.
Arnold roll 1 pt.
1 pt.

snacks- curves bar 1 pt.
100 cal. hostess pack 2 pts.
2 reduced fat vienna fingers 3 pts.
6 pts.

Lunch- 4 potstickers 4 pts.
brussel sprouts 0 pts.
2 reduced fat vienna fingers 3 pts. (these things are like crack!)
7 pts.

Dinner- 1/4 c. baked beans 1.5 pts.
roll 3pts.
shredded pork cooked in the crockpot w/ bbq suace 6 pts.
10.5 pts.

h20- no
exercise- no, unless you call watching the Inauguration exercise? LOL!

total pts.
24.5 (let's just round that up) 25

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